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Sexy Sorry

To make up for me being away so much, here’s some sexy for you: So, do you forgive me? Or are you even reading this? lol

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So, I’ve decided to cut blogging to one day a week. I’m still mainly lurking on Twitter and Facebook. There’s just so much going on right now in my real life and with my writing that this is as much … Continue reading

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Word-full Wednesday

I know it’s supposed to be Wordless Wednesday here in Falyn’s World, but I have some words to say and I’m going to say them. I know, you’re surprised, right? (<-they really need a sarcasm font, because I’d use it, … Continue reading

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Self Publishing

Instead of a teaser today, I’m sharing some links that I have found useful while researching self-pub. This blog gives you real information about what the authors are doing. The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing: Since Amazon’s policy states that … Continue reading

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I’m Into Torture

You probably thought I’d be talking about BDSM, but I’ll save that for tomorrow’s teaser. Today I want to tell you about how I’m torturing myself. Dieting. Summer is closing in on us. It’s time to lose some weight. I … Continue reading

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Can you guess what my favorite animal is?

I’ll give you a hint: I write about humans who turn into them. That’s right, my favorite animal is a wolf. I don’t have one as a pet (my cats would try to hurt it), but I had a friend … Continue reading

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