As I’m sure you’ve noticed, scheduling has been a problem for me lately. It’s not that I don’t have a schedule. It’s that I don’t FOLLOW my schedule.

I’ve taken the time to sit down and write out my schedule for the week. Making sure there is plenty of time for each of my personalities to got done what needs to be done. But then what happens? Life. There are a lot of distractions in life. Ooo, look! Shiny! But what I’ve got to learn is to make a plan and STICK TO IT!!!! I can’t let the squirrels of life distract me from my goal.

So, tell me: how do you do it? How do you stay focused when life throws distractions your way?

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3 Responses to Scheduling

  1. Your blog post this morning sounds like mine yesterday! “Prioritizing My Priorities!”
    I make “To Do” lists, instead of scheduling times for what I need to accomplish. My son told me that the #1 thing on my to do list should be “Make list” So that if I get nothing else done on the list I will have at least the #1 thing crossed off! Makes sense to me. I generalize my list such as Clean house, do laundry, work out, write, etc That way even if I only make the bed and do the dishes, I still get to cross off “clean house” As for working out my upper body usually gets done and half the time my lower body usually gets left out and with all this sitting, it probably needs it more! 🙂
    The thing with my writing, I just put it down as “Write” I don’t schedule a certain amount of time or a certain amount of words, but it is my top priority and usually the only distraction I get when I’m sitting here writing, are my dogs, who are like children every time you get on the phone.

    Hope your schedule goes well for you today!

  2. Rita Bay says:

    You’re back. So glad to see you!! I’m a slave to whatever needs to be done at the time. Lots of folks have demands on my time. I’m a great “To Do Lister” also. It really does help but I’ve failed to make writing a priority. I’m putting NaNoWriMo at the top of my November list. I WILL write 50,000 words in the month of November. Finished in 2009 but had TWO family emergencies in November 2010. Also, I think our RWA chapter will do something together with occasional meetings to write together. Sounds like fun. Hope to see you soon. Rita Bay

  3. @Karen Thank you. That really does make more sense than trying to schedule my day into hours of work.

    @Rita I’m glad to be back! Hopefully for good this time. Life gets in the way of a lot of things.

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