So, I’ve decided to cut blogging to one day a week. I’m still mainly lurking on Twitter and Facebook. There’s just so much going on right now in my real life and with my writing that this is as much as I can do.

My physical situation had a setback also last week. I had to spend all day Friday out and about. That’s not a good idea when you’re supposed to stay out of the sun with your feet elevated. The good news: it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. The bad news: I did get another burn on the newly formed skin. So, again, spending a lot of time with my feet up and putting goo on my legs.

So what’s new with you guys??

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4 Responses to Update

  1. I was censured by a new supporter for not blogging this week. He’s right of course. So I posted pretty men. But I have no excuse other than sheer laziness.

  2. Rita Bay says:

    Hey girl, Burns can be disastrous. Being extremely fair-skinned, I burn, then burn on top of my burn. Gotta buy sunscreen in the extra-large size and glob it on. Anyway, hope you’ll feel better. We miss you. Rita Bay

  3. Oh my gosh, you poor thing! You’re like me a few months back. Still recovering from that stupid neck surgery! What am I doing? I’m on my third week of out of town guests. Everybody leaves on Saturday and then ten days later, back they come. Ack! Not getting much done, as you might imagine. I’m glad you’ll be updating us once a week!

  4. Hope you feel better soon!!!

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