If Tomorrow Never Comes

My friend Mercy came out yesterday as someone else. You see, she’s been published under different names and FINALLY decided to let the world know. Yay! She has no clue that I’m pimping her today LOL. Here it is, what I told her to do a long time ago, her other self.

After high school, Tara Jenkins followed her dreams to New York where she became a plus-size catalog model. Ten years later, she longs for the college education she passed up. When her mother becomes ill, Tara chucks her career and returns to her hometown. She buys a rundown house and begins the process of restoring the house and her life.

Then in walks trouble. Brent Chambliss is a contractor. He’s thrown himself into his work to forget about his wife Kelly and daughter Betsy, whom he lost three years ago. When he finds out Tara wants to remodel the grand old house he jumps at the chance to resurrect it, knowing he’ll be spending his free time with his neighbor Tara, to whom he is attracted. He just needs to forget about vowing to love and honor his wife until he dies.

Kelly Chambliss has plans of her own. Cursed to spend eternity in the house next door, she can only watch Brent from a distance. Kelly is delighted when he again enters her life. If only she can convince Tara to help her right the wrongs she did in life.

You can find Emjai Colbert (as Mercy) here: http://mercyceleste.blogspot.com/

Find If Tomorrow Never Comes here: http://www.jasminejade.com/p-4169-if-tomorrow-never-comes.aspx

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7 Responses to If Tomorrow Never Comes

  1. Rita Bay says:

    Hey Falyn, Glad you outted Emjai/Mercy. Went over to drop a note at Mercy Celeste but it wouldn’t post. Later, Rita Bay

  2. I am tapping my foot in irritation. Shocked, just shocked at the blatant and rampant bad behavior of my supposed friends. Scaring me to death. If someone wasn’t under the influence I’d drive to her house (even though I have no idea where she lives) and kick her butt.



  3. Great cover! Nice premise! How does it feel to be outted?

    • Thank you, Julia. ITMNC was the 13th book published at Cerridwen Press.
      I made the decision this weekend to go ahead and link my names. But Falyn did catch me by BIG surprise with this. Felt sort of weird seeing an old book on her blog. I do love that cover though, with the ghostie in the background.

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