After Beach Favorites

Thank you, Mercy, for reminding me to post something today. I’m a little loopy from the pain medicine. Which brings me to the topic of this post.

This is me: Yes, that is my foot. I’m not showing you the rest but suffice it to say, the more tender the area, the worse it burns. 😦

I’m barely able to walk right now. The only things keeping me upright are:

  • painkillers
  • vinegar baths
  • aloe vera

Please, I NEED to know, what are your favorite sunburn relief items?

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2 Responses to After Beach Favorites

  1. Cabana boys with icy fingers.
    Root beer or soda of any kind I guess. The sting of the carbonation is soothing but sticky.
    But for real, scalding hot washcloth compress with vinegar and dissolved aspirin. For some reason this takes the heat away. Followed by Noxzema for an icy cold pain chiller.

  2. OMG! Look what you did! You poor thing! Ouch!

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