Blog Anniversary Winners

I know the only reason you want this prize is the chocolate. And the four of you are lucky to get it. I’ve been dieting for a month now and these chocolates have been staring at me for the past week. *gives chocolate the stink eye*

I was a good girl and didn’t eat a single piece. So there 😛 Anyway, moving on. You came here to find out who won, so here they are. The winners in no particular order:

  • Danica Avet
  • Rita Bay
  • Mercy Celeste
  • Julia Rachel Barrett

I need you ladies to send me your address so I can get these evil chocolates out of here. Email me at FalynDonaldson at gmail dot com

Let’s hope this year brings us all nothing but joy. Where do you think you’ll be in a year? What will you be doing?

About Falyn Donaldson

Author and Naughty-minded girl
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4 Responses to Blog Anniversary Winners

  1. danicaavet says:

    LOL, I’ve been dieting as well…not very well lately, but I’ve been trying! And now I win chocolate and it would be rude not to eat it! LOL Thanks, Falyn 🙂

  2. Rita Bay says:

    Hey, Falyn, I won the CHOCOLATE!! Thank you!! Thank you!! I, of all people, should not touch anything in that basket. Thank you again. Rita Bay

    BTW, I’m not into planning rigidly but hope to be in a house where the toilet flushes and heat/AC work as needed. Professionally, hope to have sent out some of my stories. R

  3. Oooh, cool! I’m not dieting. I’m trying to find things I can eat. Chocolate sounds excellent! Thanks!

  4. Danica, that’s one way to look at it. LOL But seriously, if you don’t allow yourself small “slips” it makes it harder. So keep up the good work.

    Rita, sure you do. Chocolate has caffeine, caffeine gives you energy, you need energy to write. So do the math. Chocolate = writing. Here’s hoping your goals are easily reached (especially the one about the toilet, YIKES!)

    Julia, YAY! You get to snarf it down without a care in the world. Can I live vicariously through you in that moment? LOL

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