Pain = Pretty

As a woman, I know that it takes time and effort and sometimes pain to be pretty. Have you ever walked down the HBA aisle at your local store? It looks a lot like those “adult toy stores” that cater to freaks like me. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about today.

I have allergies. Pollen is my nemesis. My eyes water. My nose runs and is stuffy (I still don’t understand how it can do both at the same time, but it does). I sneeze so hard that on more than one occasion I have pulled a muscle. Spring sucks. It’s my favorite time of the year.

That wasn’t sarcasm. I love spring. It’s so pretty. I love the flowers and green grass and all the other things that my body tries to reject. My house has at least one dogwood tree on each side. I spend a lot of time gazing at the beautiful blooms. That makes all of my misery worth it. Beautiful things are sometimes worth the pain they cause.

How much pain do you endure for something beautiful?

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One Response to Pain = Pretty

  1. Just now getting a chance to pop in. We took advantage of the glorious day and drove across the bay. Saw a gator. For some weird reason I love seeing the gators in the bay as we drive by. Do not want to see one when I’m standing there that’s for sure.

    And yep about spring, got the whole deal this year itchy watery eyes and burning nose. Little Bit does too. And the cars are yellow. But I do love to see the world wake up. The trees and the gators.

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