Favorite Commercial

Before I begin this post, I have to say that my thoughts are with all of those affected by the earthquake and tsunamis. Stay safe.

A couple of weeks ago, Daisy Harris (if you don’t know her, click her name, she’s AWESOME) Tweeted a link that took me to this:

I love it! If you want to learn more, go here: FCKH8.com

What do you do to fight hate?

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4 Responses to Favorite Commercial

  1. Daisy Harris says:

    Ha! I’m so glad you liked that commercial! It was one of my favorites ever as well. Did you ever see the mustache video? I should forward it to you.

  2. OMFG! Brilliant! FCKING brilliant!
    To fight hate? I hate haters. Fight hate all the time.
    Ah, still having a tsunami here. Not all that, but poor Japan!

  3. Mercy says:

    Excellent post Falyn

  4. Daisy, feel free to send me any links. We seem to enjoy a lot of the same ones. 😉

    Julia, I hope you made it through alright.

    Mercy, thanks for dropping by.

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