Sneak Peak Saturday (a twofer): Surfer Bride and Untamable

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She turned at the sound, looked around and noticed him in the sand. He tried to stand up. He pushed the heel of his hand into the ground and attempted to leverage himself up.

Before he could rise, she walked over and pushed him in the chest with her bare foot. He grabbed her ankle. She lost her balance and fell to the beach. She sat half way up, leaning on her elbows and looked at him. “What the hell you doing here, you prick?”

“Don’t act surprised, Q. You knew I’d follow you.” He said as he ran his hand up her ankle to her shin. God, her skin felt good. Smooth. Like he remembered.

She jerked her leg from his grasp as if it were on fire. “Keep your paws off me.” She backed off, crab like. Out of reach.

He leaned toward her. “Q. Will you hear me out? Can I please talk to you? I have to tell you something. I wouldn’t have come back if it wasn’t important.”

She looked at him.  She stayed silent.

“Really, Quincy. This is vital. I know you’ll be glad I told you. I know you. You need to hear this.”

“Fine. If I listen, will you go away? Never try to interfere with me again?” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“Fine. I’ll do it. Now, can we get up? I’m not really comfortable down here on the ground.”

“I know. That was always part of your problem, Finn.” With no effort, she rose from her seat.

What?” he asked as he struggled to get up, bogged down by his agency issued thick-soled black shoes.

“Not liking sand in your shorts.”

“And that’s a problem, how?” He raised that one eyebrow again.

Intimidation tactics didn’t work with her. “Too straitlaced. Anyone who can’t deal with sand in the crack of their butt is too tightly wound for me.” They were standing close. Less than two feet separated them.

“I guess we all know where the lack of being straitlaced got you.” The sneer was back. “In bed with Craig Miller.”

The crack as she slapped his face was so loud it sounded like an aborted thunder storm. “Wondered how long it’d take for you to bring that up.”

“So, you don’t deny it?”

“Did you ever give me a chance to deny anything, jerkwad?”

“Now’s your shot, Baby. Take it. Let’s see if I believe you.” His face was mottled red, and the spittle flew from his mouth.

She looked at him for a full second. Her eyes filled with tears, and she turned away. She walked over, grabbed her board and tucked it under her arm and stalked off the beach to her Jeep.

As she stowed the board in the back with the other two, Finn walked up behind her. “Sorry about that, Q. I really didn’t look you up to bring up the past.”

She sighed and turned around. “Then why? Why’d you look me up, then? Go ahead and say what you need to say. Then leave. Please. It’s clear to me that you aren’t gonna go till you do.” She stood with her hands on her hips.

He looked at her, sad at what he had to tell her. Even after all the lies she’d told him, he still didn’t like to hurt her. “There’s no way to soften the blow, but you need to know. Your fiancé, Percy Hicks, is an arms dealer.”

She threw her head back and laughed out loud. “You’re insane, Finn. Yes, he is a dealer. I know that. He’s an antiques dealer. Not arms, antiques. This is what has you in a tizzy?” She slapped her hand on her thigh. “You misheard. But thanks for the warning. If I see a dangerous settee, I’ll be sure to get out of the way.” She laughed so hard, she cried. She bent over double, clutching her stomach. After a while, she stood back up and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

It was too much for him. His reawakened feelings for her, her wet panties and her laughing at him sent him over the edge. He grabbed a handful of her wet suit top and jerked her toward him. He lifted her off her feet by the front of the wet suit. He pulled her close, his lips locked on hers, and he rammed his tongue in her mouth and kissed her like he’d wanted to since the day he walked out of her life. His other hand slid down her spine and into her panties where it squeezed her right buttock. It was cold from being in the water. He could feel the sand in her panties.

She slid her arms around his neck and returned the kiss for the first couple of seconds. He was hard. She kissed him back until his hand entered her panties. As soon as he squeezed her butt, she jerked away from his grasp and smacked him again. “What are you trying to do, Finn?”

“Trying to stop you from marrying an arms dealer.”

“By assaulting me?”

“That wasn’t an assault.” He grinned at her.

“Hey, cop, I know what an assault is, and I bet you do, too. Kissing and pawing a woman without her consent is considered assault in this state.”

“Seemed to me you consented.” His smile broadened.

“Appearances can be deceiving.” She stopped and smacked her forehead. “Oh yeah, forgot for a moment who I was talking to. Appearances do deceive you. You can be blinder than a dead man. How you ever made detective grade, I’ll never know.”

“Nice. That’s real nice, Q.”

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“Are you ready now?” His tone was low, rumbling, and more than anything, sexy as hell.

More than ready. “Yes,” she whispered, barely able to contain her body or mind.

In fact, she’d been ready to give herself to him for years. She’d prayed that one day he’d come back to her so she could. Even being mad at him for not coming home earlier to claim her, she still wanted him like never before. Her palms cupped his head and pulled him to meet her lips.

He jerked away. “I don’t know how gentle I can be. The beast inside me has waited so long to have you.”

She scooted away from him to see his gorgeous body. Sidda licked her lips at the sight of his hardened nipples, kiss-swollen lips, and even more swollen cock. “I guess it’s a good thing I don’t want gentle. Your beast isn’t the only one who’s waited.”

She ran her hand across his defined chest. His body arched under her hands. His touch held a power over her, one that commanded her to submit and beg for more from him. By the way his body responded to her touch, she knew she held a power over him too. It was the power to make him dominant. While he could make her submit, she could make him dominate. It struck her then how perfectly made for each other they truly were.

Heat from his body scorched hers. “When I’m pushing inside you, I want you to mark me too. The bond isn’t finished until you do.”

She nodded, even though she had no idea what the hell he’d said. She’d caught something about marking him, but the lust filling her brain clouded it.

Her stomach quivered with his touch as he skimmed his fingertips over it to the hem of her tee shirt. “Don’t move. Let me see you, all of you.” He tugged the shirt over her head.

The warm air from the fire did nothing to keep her from shivering. Sidda’s normal, sane reaction would have been to grab the blanket to cover up, but she didn’t feel sane. His wildness made her wild, uninhibited. She flattened her palms over his solid chest to caress him. Dark brown hair jostled with a shake of his head. He leaned forward, his lips trailing from her neck to the top of her breast, while one hand moved to the other breast. She gulped. Aching and heavy, her breasts begged for his touch.

She moaned, arched her back, thrusting her breasts into his touch.

His rumbled growl sent shivers down her spine. “Don’t move.” The rough voice didn’t quite sound like his.

“You’ve…got…to be kid…ding.” She squirmed, craving to be closer to him.

His entire body trembled. “The beast.”

“I don’t give a flying fuck about your beast.”

Neon green eyes bore down at her. “You’d better care, because he’s screaming to flip you over and fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.”

God help her, she wanted him to do it. She wanted to be on all fours, him towering over her, thrusting inside her. She wanted to rest her head against his shoulder, expose her throat for him while he took her. That’s exactly what she wanted.

He growled, yanking her pants and underwear off. They went flying across the room to land in the fireplace.

“Hey!” She shoved at him to move so she could try to rescue them.

“Forget them. If I have to buy you a thousand pairs, I’ll make it up to you. But not right now. I’ve got something entirely different in mind.” He winked, easing some of her shyness.

She still had to fight the urge to cover herself, but this was Jasper. The man she’d fantasized about for years, the man she loved. The wolf who she knew would never let her go, never hurt her, and most of all never stop loving her.

* * * *

Jasper hadn’t wanted her to know he was still a virgin too. But he’d waited so long to have her and hated to see the insecurity filling her.

He suckled a nipple into his mouth, and his teeth grazed the hard point. Her body arched off the bed when the graze became a tender bite.

“Oh god.” She hissed, slamming her head back against the mattress, which gave him complete control over her body.

Jasper couldn’t take any more. He had to have her. He moved over her, his legs straddling her smooth soft body. His cock rested on her stomach as he moved closer to continue and suckle her breasts. He flicked his tongue over her nipple while rolling the other one between his fingers. His body burned with desire. He wanted to be inside her more than anything, but with what little control he had, he needed to slow down.

She arched off the bed, but was shoved back down with one strong hand on her hip. Jasper’s teeth dragged across her pointed nipple. The rich taste of her was driving him insane. He tugged it to an even firmer point before releasing it to give the other the same attention.

“God, you’re beautiful. I don’t know how Cole kept men away from you.”

She snorted. “Please, like any other man could ever get this far with me.” Her smile made his heart swell.

He trailed his lips down her soft, velvety stomach, which quivered with his touch. She writhed under him. The more she thrashed, the more she rubbed her wet pussy against his cock. He grew hotter until he burned to have her. He burned so hot he was sure he’d burst like a volcano any second.

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11 Responses to Sneak Peak Saturday (a twofer): Surfer Bride and Untamable

  1. Hey! Been out all day – wanted to thank you again for having me and Sayde pop in. If we get any comments, I’ll give away a copy of Surfer Bride!!

  2. Sheri says:

    Both of these books sound really good. I need to head over to Bookstrand and pick myself up some new reads. I love finding different sites that feature books, it is the best way to find new authors. Thanks for this.

  3. Candy Bezner says:


    I just love a stand on her own two feet heroine! I want to know what happens next! I guess I have to get a copy of the book to find out! lol.


  4. What a *tempting* post, Jillian and Sayde! I want to know what happens between Q and Finn. Sounds like a lot of past still affecting their present.

    And Sidda and Jasper have their own thing going, too, Sayde! That excerpt makes me wonder how it all turns out.

    Best of luck, ladies! I’ve been dying to get to Falyn’s blog to show my support, but I’ve been having computer issues and it’s made me late with everything. Hope better late than never is acceptable. Love what you both write.

  5. Fedora says:

    Oh my! Very nice excerpts, Jillian, Sayde, and Falyn! Quincy sounds like a smart one; I like a strong heroine!

  6. Sheri, you’re welcome. I may be a writer, but I’m a reader first and love sharing my finds with other readers.

    Candy, I’m lucky to be in the same RWA chapter with these ladies and get to hear the story ideas as they come. Both of them are very talented and worth the read.

    Runere! Hi! I’m glad you came by and happy to hear your computer problems have been resolved.

    Fedora, we love excerpts (especially the ones with warnings) here in Falyn’s World. Thanks for stopping by.

    Jillian, thank you for sharing your stories with the world. May you have many sales.

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