Promoting versus Annoying: Where is the line?

Anyone who self-promotes walks a fine line. How much is too much? Last week I tweeted a mini-rant on this subject:

“Dear bloggers and writers, Do NOT post a link to your shit every hour on the hour. It’s annoying.”

I was surprised at the response. It was retweeted and re-retweeted. Fast-forward to this morning. I had a twittersation with Mari Miniatt about this very subject. She was polling her tweeps about whether she had crossed the line into annoyance.

Here’s what I do:

  1. On Twitter, my blog auto-posts when I publish it. I may tweet it again in the after noon for my tweeps who like to sleep in.
  2. Personal Facebook, again my blog posts it when I publish it.
  3. Facebook fan page, I post a link (normally) in the afternoon.


Put your link on your twitter profile. If anyone doesn’t see your tweet about your latest book/blog post, they know where to find it. Don’t tie up the twitter stream (or tweet-bomb). You may have followers who only follow a handful of people. Do you want to stay on their list? If you have more than one link on a single page of their Twitter stream, it’s annoying.


For those of us with a profile and fan page, we may have some of the same people on both. This means, if you post to your profile then immediately post to your fan page, it looks like you’re repeating yourself. That is annoying.

If you only have one or the other, that’s a different story. I would recommend, at the most, post your newest link twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening). That will make you seen by the early risers and the night owls.

Again, there is a place on your profile to put your website. Use this and people can find you.

Now, for those occasions where you are at more than one place, it’s a little more tricky. Let’s say you have a new book out and have started a blog tour. That’s terrific! Your fans will be glad to follow you to all the stops as long as you don’t get annoying.

Here’s the line:

Variety is your friend.

Especially if you have more than one stop in one day. I’m a blogger and I normally post a simple blurb, link, and excerpt for the authors I feature. However, if you already have a post that day with a different blog and the same information is on both, it’s annoying for your fans to see.

How do you prevent that? Talk to the blogger. They will likely give you creative license for an alternative (especially if they don’t have to do much work). As long as you have a different post, you can post more than the recommended links.

Warning: You still shouldn’t overwhelm your followers/fans with linkage. Don’t post every hour. Post your first link and wait. Let the other people they follow/friend have their time, then you can post another link.

What do you think? Where is the line of annoyance for you?

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7 Responses to Promoting versus Annoying: Where is the line?

  1. danicaavet says:

    I try to mix it up. If I have a guest author on my blog or something, I’ll tweet it a couple of times. For Facebook, I try not to repeat myself, but for some reason my regular Facebook page is a day behind, so it might get posted twice, but not one right after the other. With my current release, I promoted it twice, once the day it came out and a week later. I figure if people don’t know about it yet and are curious, they can check out my website.

    • Exactly! You are a prime example of doing it right. I’m friends with you on Facebook and Twitter and I never get annoyed with your promotions. (Not to mention, you have REALLY cool posts!) 🙂

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  3. It’s hard to find the right mix. I tweet a post once. That’s it. If anyone else wants to tweet it, go for it. My stuff automatically uploads to facebook – that’s how my site’s set up. Other than that, I do very little with facebook.
    I do like to help other bloggers and authors out by tweeting their post if they have a twitter function on their site.
    What I find annoying? Twitter masturbation. I do not care what you ate for lunch. I don’t care that your kid has a runny nose. I don’t care that a napkin blew over the hood of your car or that you got your nose hairs trimmed. Blech.

  4. Good discussion points. I wish more folks would pay attention. I only tweet my posts once- if at all. There are 2 people I follow that I may unfollow soon as they do long, stream of consciousness stuff sometimes. AND I hate it when people tweet all of a movie or tv show. UGH!!

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