Friday’s Favorite: TV show?

Well, I was going to do a post on my favorite TV show but I have too many of them. I decided to just randomly pick one of my favorites, NCIS. (I’m sure I’ll feature the others later.)

Can you guess my favorite character? There’s a lot of sexy in that picture so take your time.

Gibbs has that rough around the edges but really a big teddy bear personality. And have you seen his eyes? They make me melt! But he’s not my favorite.

Tony is the sexy, romantic, movie lover but not my favorite either.

Ziva can kill a man with a paper clip and look good doing it. Nope, not her.

Ducky? I love Ducky. It’s fun to try to follow his trail of thought. Still not my favorite.

Palmer, well, he’s just weird.

Vance is evil. I don’t even like him. I don’t know why, but something about him irks me. (I may be holding a grudge from when he broke up the team.)

Tim? Ah Tim. The nerdy writer with the cute smile. You’re getting closer.

Yep, that’s right. The brilliant, cute, sleeps-in-a-coffin, wears-a-dog-collar member of the team. My favorite is:


The only thing I don’t like about her is she’s my age and still looks that good.

Who’s your favorite NCIS character?

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3 Responses to Friday’s Favorite: TV show?

  1. Mercy says:

    Lubs me some Abby and Gibbs. I get the giggles every time I watch Hocus Pocus with McGee as Thackery Binks, he is just too cute. But actually Pauley Perrette is MY age and still looks that good, just makes me a bit on the jealous side.

  2. NCIS is my favorite show and Abby is my very favorite TV character! But I love everyone on NCIS! Such great chemistry!

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