Dirty Little Secret

Dirty Little Secret is one of those head-banging, pump you up songs. And, OMG, is he yummy! So here you go, a great song with a yummy guy singing it:

My dirty little secret: I write erotic romance. Yes, you all know that. But in real life, I keep it secret. Why? Because I live in a small town and have a child that would be judged by what I do. In five years, when he turns 18, I will tell everyone where to stick it. Hopefully, by then I will be multi-published and have a large following to support me.

What’s your dirty little secret?

About Falyn Donaldson

Author and Naughty-minded girl
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4 Responses to Dirty Little Secret

  1. Hey, you changed your site! Love it! I think it’s a nice secret!

  2. Mercy says:

    I like this song. And I don’t have any dirty little secrets. I’ve aired them all quite nicely. See them all flapping in the breeze for everyone to see. Okay so I do have one dirty little secret I keep from my husband.
    shh I wait for him to leave the for work before I go check the football news updates. I don’t want him knowing I like football, he’d be unbearable to live with if he knew.

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