Fiction Fans

I love to read. I’m sure you already knew that but you may not know how much I love to read. I have a book budget that is higher than my car note. But not only do I enjoy reading, I’m a fiction fan. There IS a difference.

A reader reads a book and might put it on a bookshelf to read again someday. If someone asks what they are reading, they share, but only if someone asks. Occasionally, they will write a review on Amazon, Good Reads, or other such website. But the main thing a reader does, is read.

A fan, on the other hand, is excited. They keep every book they’ve ever read. (That reminds me, I need more bookshelves.) They tell people about the book. The #1 reason a person purchases a book is a friend’s recommendation. The fiction fan also loves giving the book stars or thumbs up or some other review system. AND THEY COMMENT! Notice the all caps. Let me say it again: THEY COMMENT!

Writing is hard. Getting published is even harder. We pour our souls onto a page and share it with the world. It takes a lot of courage to place your heart and soul into a stranger’s hands and hope it will be well received. An author enjoys people buying their books. Seeing their name move up a list of best sellers is thrilling. But when he/she receives a good review, it’s mind-blowing. Someone enjoyed his/her soul-on-paper and took the time to tell others.

Now, let’s see if you’re a reader or if you’re a fiction fan. I put out a call to authors last week and was amazed by the response. I will feature a new book every Tuesday and occasionally a special edition Saturday post. If you look at the top of the page —->, you will see who’s coming up. Get your keyboard ready. I want to see the love.

Tell me, what makes YOU a fiction fan?

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3 Responses to Fiction Fans

  1. I guess that makes me a reader. I read, keep the keepers, sell back those I don’t plan to re-read and hope someone else can enjoy them. Even though I’m an author, I don’t usually review other authors. Not cool. Plus I don’t have the time. Occasionally I’ll find an author I just must recommend, usually I’ll put something on my site.

    • Julia, it is hard to find the time to review, but I normally make notes about what I like while reading. (I’ve got a lot of notes from CBTM. 🙂 I’ve already emailed you about some.) It helps me with my writing and it helps me remember what to say in a review. If I have something negative to say, I don’t do it on a public forum. But that’s just me.

      Mercy, congrats on the release. I’m looking forward to your guest blog on Saturday. Take a deep breath and try to relax.

  2. Mercy says:

    Coming to a full halt, I have been running non stop all day and just wanted to stop and say hey and whew. It’s the old saying come back, be careful what you wish for you just might get it. Well I got it, in spades and couldn’t be happier. Best new book release day ever. See you Saturday girly.

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