Multitasking: It’s an Art

So, I was working on my computers when my roommate walked in and burst out laughing. When she could breathe again, she asked, “What are you doing?” My answer, “Multitasking.”

You see, I was working on my desktop AND my laptop. I also had notes sprawled out on every available surface. Why? Because my computer was too slow to handle all the programs that I needed to run. I was working on my blog, surfing other blogs, tweeting, Facebooking, IM’ing, and writing.

She doesn’t understand. Multitasking is an art! I’ve ALWAYS done more than one thing at a time, and with my writing career, it’s a necessity.

Oh, and I’m not the only one who does it:

See, I’m normal! (Okay, I’ll give you all a minute to stop laughing.) Well, it works for me.

So, tell me, do you multitask?

About Falyn Donaldson

Author and Naughty-minded girl
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