My Heroine Is Singing

I was nearing the end of my current WIP when my heroine started hinting about changes I should make to the beginning. After working so hard to get to the climax of the story, I didn’t want to go back to the beginning. If I did what she wanted, the entire story would need to be rewritten with the changes and I was in a hurry to send it off to my beta reader for her opinion. So I ignored her.

The thing about my heroine that I love (and hate) is, she has a mind of her own. She would not be swayed. She just got more demanding and by the time I sent the story off, she was screaming that the changes HAD to be made.

I tried to ignore her but she just wouldn’t SHUT UP! So when I received an email from my beta saying the beginning needed to be changed, my heroine started to sing:

Jeez, I HATE that song.

So, now I’m rewriting with the changes. When am I going to learn? The characters in my head are ALWAYS right. (That compliment should shut her up for a little while at least.)

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