Always Learning

I joke about my dream job being a “career student,” but in all honesty that’s what we all are. We may have regular jobs or even not so regular jobs, yet, we are all career students. You will never know everything and will learn something new every day.

The reason for my subject today is: I found a new “how-to” book. I normally HATE this type of book. This one, however, is on a subject that I LOVE: social media. As you can see from the widgets I’m on Facebook and Twitter. I also blog (for those of you who haven’t had your coffee yet, this is a blog).

I’m not very far into the book but I’ve already learned a lot. You see, this book is about social media for writers. I know some of you are rolling your eyes and asking, “What’s that got to do with me?” And THAT’S the point. One of the first things that I learned was that I’m blogging wrong.

Being an author, this blog should have content that appeals to potential readers. Here comes the good part! Which means, I need to blog more about things that relate to erotic romance.

So this is a warning. For those of you who don’t enjoy looking at hot guys and reading sexy stories, this blog is not for you! For those of you like me, who watch certain bad movies simply to see the hot actors in them, stay tuned.

Now, I’m off to do some research. But first, tell me, who is your favorite sexy guy?

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