‘Tis The Season

Now that the Thanksgiving trauma is over, the real chaos begins. Shopping, decorating, traveling, and all the other things we dread all year round, squeezed into a month of pure hell.

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First up, shopping. Does anyone know what to buy someone who has everything? Everyone I buy for is spoiled. They buy what they want, when they want. That makes it extremely difficult for those who love them to buy them gifts. If you are one of those spoiled people, do me a favor. STOP buying for yourself or start collecting something (snow globes, spoons, baseball cards, something) so that I’ll know what to buy you.

Next up is decorating. Why do we do this to ourselves? We redecorate our entire house for a month and then redecorate it again to turn it back to normal.

Finally, travel. In my opinion, travel that is unrelated to work should be fun. Traveling during the holidays is a major pain in the ass.

So, happy holidays to you all. Take plenty of “happy pills” and drink a lot of alcohol. Maybe we’ll all make it through without going nuts.

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