Research is key

As a writer, research can make or break us. If we don’t do enough, our stories are unbelievable and can make readers hate us.

I recently had a plot idea that needed a lot of research. It’s an element that has been done so badly that people in real life situations have negative thoughts on the subject. It is BDSM.

I didn’t want to be one of those writers who play into the stereotype, so I read countless books on the subject. One author stood out from the rest (IMO). Tymber Dalton. Her stories make you want to jump into the pages and become these wonderful characters. And, guess what? She wrote a book on the ins and outs of BDSM.

This book is for writers but it is also helpful for people who are curious about the lifestyle. Here’s the link: Whip Me, Beat Me, Make Me Write Hot Sex.

Whether it’s BDSM or some other plot element, remember, research is key.

About Falyn Donaldson

Author and Naughty-minded girl
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