What is sexy?

Sexiness is defined in many ways. Some say it’s the way someone looks. Others say it’s a personality trait. There are even those who think nerds are sexy. The following is my definition.

  1. Good Looks: Yes, this is important. It is the “instantly sexy” man who has good looks. Is this what I look for? Not really. It’s just eye candy.
  2. Personality: This is what draws a woman in and makes her feel comfortable. It is important, but is this the most important trait for me? No. It is nice to have but only goes so far.
  3. intellect: A man with a brain (Yes, they do exist!). SEXY! I love discussing my opinions with a man who, not only has opinions of his own, but respects mine as well. My ideal man will stay up til the wee hours of the morning discussing a wide range of subjects. The more he knows, the sexier he is!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy #1 and #2 but they are just icing on the cake. Looks fade over time and personality only goes so far without a brain to back it up. The intelligent man is the one that I want to spend forever with.

It’s your turn: What do you think is sexy?

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One Response to What is sexy?

  1. Reena Jacobs says:

    I have to add body language to the list. Looks draw me, but next is definitely body language. I love masculine men. No hands on the hips for this lady…nu huh. A wide stance, a look that makes me feel naked…yum. 🙂 Take Travis Fimmel in Tarzan. Now he was sexy (as long as his mouth stayed shut). I so had the hots for him.

    But personality and intelligence is definitely the deal breaker. As soon as that knucklehead got a speaking line it was all over. Now I can’t look at him without thinking what a waste of man flesh he is. He’s not even attractive any more.

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