Guide to a good sex life

What makes for good sex? Well, the two most important tools you can have for good sex is: a vivid imagination and loud music.

Loud Music: Have you ever experienced this? A naked man, shaking his penis at you and saying, “I’m gonna make you scream!”

Don’t do what I once did! I laughed and told him that he would need about three more inches to do that.

Do: Have music blaring loudly so that you don’t hear the stupid comments! If you forget to turn the music on, stuff your fist in your mouth. This will prevent you from laughing or saying something that you will regret. (Remember the male ego is just as fragile as ours!)

Vivid Imagination: Ok, there are several reasons that you need this particular tool in the bedroom.

  1. So the sex doesn’t get boring, for you or for him. Let’s face it, after a few years with the same person, you need to get creative. Use food, toys, different positions, etc.
  2. If you know that the sex is going to feel more like a fish is flopping around than the great sex in books, read the books. Not during sex, before it. That way you have a mental picture that you can close your eyes and imagine.
  3. If your man isn’t all that, no worries. Remember this:

Now won’t that make sex more interesting?

There are more tools for a good sex life but I can’t seem to remember them now. If you’ll excuse me, my imagination thinks it’s time to go back to bed!

About Falyn Donaldson

Author and Naughty-minded girl
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